Advertiser Product Channel gives advertisers the tools they need to create compelling campaign presentations. Advertisers have the option of developing promotional materials with appealing images or pure text. Benefit from automatic optimization through the most advanced targeted advertising technology on the market.

Current AdSense customers needn't worry about contractual violations; joining the targeted advertising network stays within the parameters of Google's terms of service agreement. Reach out to untapped resources on an affordable CPC basis.

  • Text Ad

    The plain text model sets the standard in the online marketing arena. These ads feature a clean, straightforward display that's perfect for showcasing a single product as well as generating brand awareness.

  • Text + Image

    Add a dynamic graphic to enhance the unique textual call to action for maximum impact.

Reasons to Join the targeted advertising Advertising Network:

Thematic Content Matching

targeted advertising employs a Semantic System to identify appropriate keywords within a site's content. Additionally, our algorithm incorporates the page's overall theme into the equation to ensure relevance. This method delivers proper placement, and ultimately increases conversions. Customers will only see your ads in a suitable setting, which guarantees superior traffic.

Sophisticated Search Retargeting

Users learn about your products and services through search results on Google, Yahoo, and Bing. But they may not recognize your brand under alternate keywords. Contextual's search retargeting fixes this problem by inserting the user's own keywords into your ads. Just to make sure we're giving them what they wanted, we include a query asking them whether or not the keywords are correct.

Pay per Click, Not Impression

We understand the need to maintain a positive ROI; that's why we don't charge you for dead traffic. The pay per click plan relies on actual visits to your site as opposed to mere impressions. When people simply view the ad and move on, nothing comes out of your adspend.

Zero Click Fraud

Click fraud wastes time and money. We won't tolerate it and neither will our traffic management partners at They block out spam, bots, and untrustworthy IP addresses to protect you from scams. Rest assured because our database undergoes daily updates to detect suspicious activity.

Real Time Conversion Tracking

Our tracking pixel brings you hard data on sales stats and conversion rates. Since tracking records appears in real time, you may access the information at your convenience.