Publishers: Become Part of the Elite targeted advertising Ad Network!

It can be difficult to run ads yet maintain a site's integrity. With targeted advertising banners, publishers get to preserve their domains' reputations and eat up additional advertising revenue, too! Our finely tuned techniques combine keyword matching, theme recognition, and search engine retargeting. These three ingredients work together to pinpoint relevant advertisements that won't disrupt the flow of your content. We scan pages in real time, so the ads change alongside your modifications.

  • No Upfront Fees
  • Zero Risk
  • Easy Integration

What Do targeted advertising Banners Bring Beyond Income?

When banners display properly, they actually add value to your site. Irrelevant ads are an unsightly mess, but users appreciate the opportunity to learn more about things they're already interested in. Our comprehensive targeted advertising coordination system pre-screens ads for applicability, so your users won't feel distracted or annoyed.

How Do I Start Making Money?

Fill out our digital application form for starters. After we approve it, you'll get paid every time a unique visitor responds to a banner ad's call to action. The size of your site doesn't matter. We welcome participation from anyone with a website or blog.

How Much Will I Earn Per Click?

Digital publishers are entitled to a compensation rate of 60/40 per click.

Let Your Content Work For You

Monetize your content by gearing it towards advertisers. Use an SEO friendly style and try to publish articles that are related to the most lucrative banners.

Customize Ad Appearance to Fit Your Site

We understand the value of website real estate as well as the importance of layouts. Our publishers don't have to change anything about their sites to host ads. The units can be completely tailored to adapt to their surroundings. You pick the size, text color, link color, etc. to suit your needs.